VR Technology plans for April-June 2018

Hello dear friends and partners!
This article is a brief report so the OKOIN team can share their achievements in March and upcoming plans for April-June 2018.

1. OKO Pay system testing

Our prospective partners have been showing more and more interest in the OKO Pay system, and have been asking non-stop when everyone can finally connect to it. Starting in late March and continuing to today, the system has been undergoing its initial testing. You can find more details right here.

The OKO Pay system has already started to be implemented based on our in-house VR Technology resources. Starting from the second ten-day period in May 2018, OKO Pay will be launched on our current partners’ websites (beta testing period). After that, everybody will be able to connect to the platform. The next strategically significant step is the following integration of adult market segments and online casinos with a single payment tool.

Users, products and service providers will all benefit from connecting to OKO Pay (you can find more details in our article: 10 Reasons to Accept OKOIN on Your Website).

2. VR OKO system beta testing

Today’s youngest generations (Y, Z) can’t even imagine the internet without YouTube or Vimeo, where anyone can upload their videos or support their own channel. However, there are certain adult content-related limitations with these services…

VR OKO is a modern blockchain-based platform supporting the free distribution of 18+ virtual reality (VR) content. Thanks to smart contracts, users can purchase adult content freely and anonymously — anywhere, anytime. Currently, VR OKO is in its beta testing phase.

During beta testing, the OKO platform will only contain content provided by several studios specializing in the creation of VR content. After that (in late July 2018), there will be over 500 videos available for viewing.

In late 2018, the platform will get a slew of extended capabilities. For instance, in December 2018 the new VR Chat service will be released, and later on (January-February 2019), the platform will offer a marketplace for online retailers of adult toys. All these services will also benefit from Ethereum and OKOIN-based smart contracts.

3. OKO integration with other services

Just as before, one of our main focuses is on platform integration with the most renowned and popular adult services.

After beta testing is complete, we will start development of the VR-WebCam service based on LucidCam cameras. The hardware has already passed the tests for integration with the VR OKO infrastructure, which has enabled our development team to start implementing the second step of the roadmap ahead of schedule.

VR-WebCam is a service for online VR shows. It provides high-quality 3D picture, thus ensuring a fully immersive experience for users. However, the most important benefit for private customers is the absence of any intermediaries.

Moving forward, VR Technology has plans to develop a hardware leasing program for private customers. This decision ensures extensive targeting when, for example, someone doesn’t want to, or cannot make a full single payment when purchasing the required hardware. Moreover, a new VR Technology project has also been launched — VR Casino OKO — based on VR Chat technology

4. Staff expansion

VR Technology continues to expand their technical staff responsible for:

Interface development and programming
Back-end setup
Payment gate setup
Payment processing server debugging
Preparation of the initial technical documentation for partners.

The company is currently in active search of Big Data and AI professionals. If you’re interested in career opportunities with us, please send your CV to hr@vrtechnology.cz.

If you have any questions about how to connect to OKO Pay or partnering as a content provider, please contact us at partner@vrtechnology.cz.

5. VR Casino OKO ICO launch

Starting in March 2018, OKOIN ICO became crucial for two projects at once: VR OKO and VR Casino OKO. The second project is based on VR Chat technology, giving everyone the opportunity to pull on a VR helmet and be transported to a real casino. This is especially desirable for residents of countries where casinos are prohibited. Plus, anyone can make a bet using OKOIN tokens, win and withdraw their gains easily.

Online gambling is a huge niche with a multi-billion dollar turnover. However, web casinos as they are today have two main weak points.

The transparency and fair play of the software that determines whether you win or lose is questionable. Highly questionable.

Their interfaces can’t provide an immersive experience, nor trigger any emotions that gamblers are used to from real casinos.

VR Casino OKO is here to make these challenges a thing of the past. A VR helmet supports real-time broadcasting from a physical casino, while smart contracts guarantee fair play.

6. Partnership Announcement

Peitho entertainment Ltd

VR Technology (a company in the OKOIN project) has entered into a partnership agreement with Peitho entertainment Ltd. This company, founded in the Seychelles, is backed by a group of experts with years of experience in consulting on individual software solutions in the international financial sector and public service. Starting last year, Peitho now also specializes in virtual reality projects, and owns the portal www.myvrsin.com. At present, they focus on three main areas:

1) Content – Created with state of the art equipment for 360 and 3D VR recording, Peitho is among the first to announce the production of 360° content in 8K resolution and 360° 3D content in 6K resolution. Their upcoming live content will be streamed in 4K resolution (360° and even 360° 3D). Furthermore, they will also soon provide a service where registered users can create content themselves and upload it to the platform. Postprocessing will then be done automatically.

2) Technologies — Programming: Peitho specialists have many years of experience with JAVA, C#, PHP, Perl, and Python, and specialize in tools like UnrealEngine, Unity and many more. Postprocessing: Peitho algorithms can handle different types of VR content for optimal stitching and encoding quality on every VR device in real time.

Cryptocoin payments are enabled on their platform, and at present they are also working on integrating OKOIN.

The Peitho development team have teamed up with VR Technology staff to collaborate on implementing the VRWebcam service on the OKO platform.

3) Damon Lawner’s Sanctum Theater We’re proud to announce our collaboration with Damon Lawner and his private erotic SNCTM theater.

We started talks on a potential partnership in late 2017, when we were planning a private OKO Stars gala party to celebrate the OKO project’s successful ICO. Now, Damon Lawner has officially signed a contract with us to confirm his consent to arrange another exclusive OKO Stars event.

Now that the OKO Pay payment system has been officially released, VR Technology founders are currently negotiating its exclusive implementation in Lawner’s club. If the negotiations are successful, people will be able to pay for SNCTM membership with fiat money and OKOIN tokens, which will also significantly increase the value, reliability and liquidity of this cryptocurrency. In addition, we are also discussing the possibility of arranging collaborative performances that combine virtual reality and SNCTM live performances.

Strategic partnership with Peitho entertainment Ltd and SNCTM is a powerful commercial and image-building opportunity for the OKOIN project. And this is just the beginning. Starting in mid-May, VR Technology is poised to announce new partnerships and disclose information on new collaborations with leaders of the international adult market.

By the time the open sale of the token starts, the company will make their first announcement of partnerships with the giants and veterans of the 18+ industry, which will have a positive effect on the token’s positions. The greater the demand for the token on the market and the broader its applicability, the higher the chance is that its value skyrockets in public sale.

7. Design and usability

Some of the most valued benefits of our platform are its design and usability. UX trends (user experience, convenience-focused approaches to product interfaces) have changed tastes, and now websites, portals and platforms that follow usability & UX guidelines will be more popular than outdated GUIs.

We used to think that content was the main point of attraction in the 18+ industry. But the modern market also tells us that the interface has a significant impact on retaining attention. In an industry where competing websites pop up every day, the main goal is to retain users and win them back. This is one of the most important tasks a company’s team addresses as part of a modern business model.

Although inspired by austere Skandinavian style, VR Technology designers and user interface developers use top-tier technologies to capture and retain user attention, and cutting-edge marketing tools in line with current psychology and neuromarketing trends.

8. ICO launches on May 20, 2018

The OKOIN project ICO officially ends on April 25. On May 20, 2018, the token then starts public trading, where its value will then depend on market forces. There is still an opportunity to purchase our tokens at a fixed price. To see whether or not it makes sense to sell tokens right after the ICO, please read this article.

By the time this final step is in motion, the token will be backed by the VR OKO and VR OKO Casino project infrastructures. For this reason, the token has every opportunity to start growing in value right away, though short-term fluctuations are still possible due to the sale of the new cryptocurrency by certain market participants.


As you can see, we’ve already put in a lot of work. However, there are still many more challenges to address. 95% of ICO projects fail without any results achieved. We’re seeking to lower this number by demonstrating through our own example that ICOs are the new reality in crowdfunding, and can ensure terrific outcomes. In both word and deed.

Thank you for being a part of us!
The VR Technology Team.