OKOIN Enters Open Exchanges and Launches Its Own VR-Market

On June 20, 2018, the OKOIN token will be listed on official exchanges. This was officially announced by the CEO of VR Technology company, Roman Pavlovich. In order to protect the cryptocurrency from market manipulations and speculative actions, the company plans to spend 50% of profit in the future on the tokens buy back for the purpose of their further burning and reduction of the total emission (a direct consequence of these actions will be reduction of the total number of coins and increase in the value of the remaining ones on the market).

VR Platform OKO, VR Chat, OKO Pay, VR Casino OKO, Intimtech and a new project of the company

VR Technology company almost at the same time launches five projects. The first and the leading project is the VR Platform OKO. It is the world’s first decentralized platform for distributing adult content in a virtual reality format. It is based on the blockchain technology, smart contracts are used, payments are made through OKOIN tokens. Anyone can have a unique experience of interacting with the virtual world or create their own channel on the platform and start earning money on the monetization of content! In April the platform went through a successful beta testing. Playlists of only several studios are available so far, which specialize in shooting content in the VR format. At the earliest, the company plans to significantly increase the partner network of VR content producers, as well as to attract private film-makers and increase its own video libraries.

The second project is a multi-purpose, global and decentralized payment system OKO Pay (а final product) , thanks to which any seller working on the VR markets, online gambling or “18+” industry, can accept OKOIN tokens. To date, the system integrates 22 partners of the company, including the legendary private erotic theater SNCTM by Damon Lawner.

“Initially, the task was to make OKOIN a settlement system for the VR OKO infrastructure. However, demand creates supply. If other market players are interested in the system, then why not make implementation of the system possible to everyone interested. It will do token some good.”

— Dmitry Mamleev, Central Developer, VR Technology company

The third project — VR Casino OKO is the integration of land-based offline casinos with live broadcasts in the virtual reality format. Compared to existing online casinos, VR Casino OKO organizes live broadcasts from a real house. This will require a virtual reality helmet for a user and LucidCam cameras for a gambling house. Moreover, users will be able to make bets in real time using OKOIN tokens to place and withdraw money to internal platform accounts. Blockchain and smart contracts guarantee fair play, no hold when withdrawing money and anonymity of the user.

We intentionally plan to use OKOIN at the same time in several our projects and on partner platforms to strengthen the independent value of the token as a universal payment instrument. This makes it autonomous, stable and liquid.”

— Roman Pavlovich, CEO VR Technology

The fourth project is a private chat in the virtual reality format — VR Chat. Moreover, this is the first VR chat in which anyone can absolutely anonymously and safely earn money, and not just spend it. The technology is implemented using the VR helmet and the LucidCam VR camera (based on the same technology as the VR Casino OKO).

A model communicates with a client in a chat in the virtual reality format, fulfills his desires, and receives from the client a reward through a smart contract. This guarantees instant payment for the model and a unique pleasure from communication for the client. The use of blockchain technology in this business model excludes intermediaries and therefore reduces the cost of services for users and increases earnings for models. VR Technology has already started testing this technology and this business model. Employees of the company and developers of the project already now guarantee high quality of online video broadcasting, 100% participation effect and sense of immersion for the user.

The fifth project is the virtual marketplace for goods and services for adults — Intimtech. It means millions of sales offers from manufacturers without extra charges of intermediaries in one place. The marketplace is based on the decentralized principle for trade, which becomes possible by introducing its own payment system OKO Pay.

VR OKO Market

Today VR Technology company for the first time announces a project, which is still under development and which the company has not officially announced yet — a marketplace for VR-products producers. At the initial stage, the marketplace will work both with fiat money and with OKOIN cryptocurrency. However, the cryptocurrency will have privileges, not to mention its own advantages.

According to SimilarWeb, recently the traffic of the 10 most popular VR websites grew by 202%. According to experts, by 2020 the market volume in the industry will exceed $ 1 billion. By bringing together the leading sellers of VR equipment on one marketplace, OKOIN will receive access to a huge and financially reliable audience that is already familiar and actively uses cryptocurrencies as a means of payment on the Internet.

The exact dates of the launch of the new project are still unknown. VR Technology is in discussions with Samsung, SONY, HTC, LucidCam, ACER and others on integrating their sales activity on the VR OKO MARKET.

The market will have the domain www.oko.market

The official site of OKOIN (a new version of the site is available).


The team of VR Technology company regrets that due to bureaucracy and delays in token listing on open exchanges, some token holders panicked and sold their coins for nothing on the Yobit exchange. Moreover, many of those who have listed coins on this exchange earlier or bought them recently have difficulties with withdrawal. We have already sent a request to the administration of Yobit with a request to clarify the situation with all transactions with the OKOIN token and we will continue to insist on delisting of the token from this exchange.

We thank partners who do not panic, have not lost their faith in our projects and are ready for the further cooperation. From our side, it is useful to remind about the publication “Sell or Not to Sell Tokens After Entering the Exchange?” on the blog on our website.


Dear token holders! From the moment of entering the official exchanges until the launch of the platform operation in a regular mode (according to the road map: January 2019), the project team does not give any forecasts, comments and valuations of the token value, as its price is formed to a greater extend due to speculative actions of crypto traders, and not due to the real demand of the company’s products and its partners. Please, do not give in to such provocations!

We strongly recommend no to trust information about activities of VR Technology other than the one placed on the company’s official communication channels. Keep track of all updates about exchanges, products and results of our work in our official Telegram group.